A mix of stone, sand and gravel that are ideal for building a driveway base


*priced per yard


Please note:

Our delivery trucks hold the following:

Mulch: 1-16 yards

Stone: 1-8 yards

Soil: 1-8 yards

** If you need more than a truck will hold in one trip, please place a separate order for the remaining amount of product needed**

**Also, we do not have a divider in our dump beds at this time.  If you are ordering more than one type of bulk material, please place two separate orders so the materials do not mixed.**

Please contact us with any questions: 734-428-7005


Road Gravel

  • When choosing a delivery location please keep in mind the following:

    • Delivery location must be clearly marked (we recommend a paper plate with a rock on top)
    • We cannot deliver on grass (exceptions: under dry conditions and customer approval)
    • Overhead wires may change delivery location (subject to driver approval)
    • Uneven surfaces will effect dump placement