Raw Materials

We sell a variety of raw materials to fit the need of any project!  Quality is important to us and we only source the best!


Stop by and our qualified operators will happily load any material for you.  Or you can schedule a delivery by calling 734-428-7005 and we will get it to you next day!  Delivery pricing is determined by your distance from the nursery and how many loads you will need.     

Below are the products we currently offer.  Don't see what you're looking for?  Give us a call and we will see what we can do!


Colored Mulch

Hardwood, no pallets, long lasting dye

Black Mulch- $35/ yd

Brown Mulch- $35/ yd

Red Mulch- $35/ yd

Natural Mulch

Easy to spread, helps retain moisture  

Single Shred Mulch- $30/ yd

Pine Mulch- $36/ yd

Cedar Mulch- $35/ yd


Lightweight, economical mulch alternative, long lasting.  Please call ahead for availability.

Course Unscrenned- $18/ yd

Fine, Screened Woodchips- $23/ yd

Coarse, Screened Woodchips- $21/ yd



Good for drainage and base  

Slag- $55/ yd

Mason Sand- $36/ yd

2NS Sand- $26/ yd


Driveways, base, landscaping and backfill

Pea Gravel- $29/ yd

6A Limestone- $46/ yd

21AA Limestone- $46/ yd

6A Natural- $35/ yd
21AA Natural- $39/ yd

Egg Rock- $51/ yd

Stone Grit- $39/ yd

Road Gravel- $26/ yd


Good for fill and planting  

Topsoil- $28/ yd

McLennan Planting Mix- $36/ yd

McLennan Potting/Raised Bed Mix-$46/ yd

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