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Paver Base & Stone


3/8 Dirty Limestone

$54/ yard

(With Fines) A great base for setting pavers


6A Natural Round Stone

$42/ yard

Small landscape stone; great for use in drainfields


Natural Crushed w/fines

$50/ yard

Natural colored rocks with clay and dirt.  Ideal for compacting and driveway application. 


Natural Crushed w/o fines

$58/ yard

A decorative stone good for landscaping.  Used in driveways and as a permeable paver base.


Asphalt Millings 

$44/ yard

(Screened) Used for driveway application

Screenshot 2023-03-23 9.31.29 AM.png

River Rock 1 3/4 - 2"

$44/ yard

Most popular sized rock used in landscape beds as a mulch alternative. Also can be used in drainage applications.


21A Limestone w/fines

$52/ yard

*most popular* Limestone that compacts and hardens making it ideal for driveways 


6A Limestone w/o fines

$58/ yard

Permeable base due to lack of fines.  Locks into place due to size.  Good for driveway use.


Road Gravel

$32/ yard

A mix of stone, sand and gravel that are ideal for building a driveway base


Pea Gravel / Stone

$44/ yard

Small stone use for drainage, backfill and decoration applications


Stone Grit

$42/ yard

A natural, washed, crushed stone used as a paver base.  Easy to level

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