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Wood Chips

Course Unscreened

Wood Chips

$22/ yard

A general use wood chip sourced from tree trimmings, saw mills and land clearings. 


Great for pathways, play areas, or decorative landscaping.


Fine Wood Chips

$30/ yard

Smaller in size and have a finer texture compared to coarse and premium wood chips.


These wood chips are often preferred for applications where a more refined or uniform appearance is desired, such as mulching flower beds, gardens, or around trees and shrubs.


Premium Wood Chips

$34/ yard

Typically medium-sized in texture, falling between coarse and fine wood chips in terms of particle size.


Often considered a versatile option for various landscaping applications, including mulching, pathways, and decorative landscaping features.


Wood Chips, Coarse

$24/ yard

Larger in size compared to other types of wood chips. 

Often used for applications where a more rustic or natural appearance is desired, such as pathways, trails, and naturalized areas in landscaping.

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